Innovation in Communication
and AI

4TechnologyGroup develops and operates comprehensive solutions for enterprise communication and customer service processing. We provide cloud-based omni-channel contact centers, large conferencing platforms and autonomous dialog systems, pushing innovation, efficiency and value for our customers.


4TechnologyGroup develops a cloud based enterprise communication and customer service platform. This European based technology stack combines an extensive set of technologies like omni-channel routing, voip, natural language processing and more, all with a single goal in mind: to communicate naturally.


Three innovative and experienced German technology companies band together to form 4TechnologyGroup. With our core expertise in communication and AI, we improve the ability of your customer service organization to communicate . We use self-learning technology and create meaningful dialog with specific information in real time. Find out more about us!


4TechnologyGroup companies provide an environment for highly skilled talent to work with on interesting projects and development tasks. We operate development centers in three locations: Berlin, Hannover an Karlsruhe.
Our people come from over 20 countries and more than 70% work in development and engineering. As an equal opportunity employer we believe in diversity and an open culture. We know that our people are the reason for our success.