4TechnologyGroup develops a European based technology stack for communication and intelligent information processing.
We start with a well defined set of communication capabilities like extensive signal processing, voip transmission and rich call control. We add advanced voice recognition and text synthesis to bridge the gap between the analog and the digital roam.
Then we feature proven process management capabilities with our omni-channel router to handle calls, e-mails, chat and other forms of interaction in an efficient manner.
On the content level we then use AI based natural language processing, machine learning and dialog management to create meaningful autonomous dialogs with your customers. All based on a concerted knowledge base and a set of mutual business rules packaged as one comprehensive solution.


Engaging with customers happens now on many different channels. Voice, email, messaging and social media channels need to work seamlessly to provide a satisfying customer experience. The platform ensures personalized interactions even when changing channels through maintaining a consistent conversation context.

Process Routing

By deciding what to do next process routing determines the efficiency of a workflow and the effectiveness of the final result. We keep your workflow going with our routing engine that can handle multiple channels all in one place.

Conversational AI

AI based natural language understanding, machine learning and dialog management are used to engage in content processing and autonomous dialog. This is based on artificial neural networks, unsupervised clustering and online learning.

Voice Processing

Voice as gained immense popularity as a way to communicate with computer systems due to many new device formats. We integrate a set of advanced voice processing technologies that enable the recognition ond transcription of speech in real time. This can be combined with automated speech output using the multiple TTS engines.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence is what provides the and ultimately delivers the business value. Our comprehensive technology stack is accompanied by a similar line of BI tools that can analyze operational data, identify weak areas and provide ways to address these issues. The trends found through data analysis help companies make better-informed, data-driven decisions.


Conferencing can be done mobile or in the office and based on the situation there are different devices and connection types engaging in one conference. We handle them all, whether it is a small three people meeting or a large analyst conference with over a thousand participants.