Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence is what provides the and ultimately delivers the business value. Our comprehensive technology stack is accompanied by a similar line of BI tools that can analyze operational data, identify weak areas and provide ways to address these issues. The trends found through data analysis help companies make better-informed, data-driven decisions.

Intelligent Cockpit

Our BI solutions collect and analyze the current contact and process data with the purpose of providing actionable insights into business operations. This is based on our business intelligence dashboard for realtime process monitoring. Users can build individual views for their intraday contact center management based on the powerful Qlikview BI engine.

  • Omni Channel reports
  • Real Time Monitoring
  • Supervisor monitor
  • Standard reports library
  • Individual report definition
  • Graphic display library
  • Standard metrics library
  • Access data history
  • Easy configuration
  • Export manager
Define regular reports using a graphic workbench
Add external data sources to create combined reports
Interactive drilldown in reports for detailed business insights
Create views for contact center wallboard displays
Subscribe to regular report delivery
Formatting optimized for delivery on mobile devices
Full Qlikview BI toolset integration