Conversational AI

We the 4TechnologyGroup support email processing, chat and voice for tasks like intelligent classification, agent assistance and full task automation. We create chat or voice bots using the same platform. All channels and instances are using the same common knowledge base at the core of the system. So when training domain specific data, this adds to the intelligence of the all channels. German an English are as the first two languages, but additional languages are coming.

Core NLP Pipeline

Our solutions are based on innovative natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning technologies (MLT), such as artificial neural networks, unsupervised clustering and online learning. We use industry tools that boost performance in NLP as well as self-developed tools and components. All our systems are hosted on our own servers, providing a high level of security for our customers.

  • Multi Intent Email Processing
  • Chat and Voice Bot Creation
  • Add Intents Online
  • Train Domain Data Yourself
  • Detailed Analytics
  • Geman and English
  • Connector Framework
  • Reuse Knowledge Base
  • Ethical AI Compliant
  • Full GDPR Compliant
ALLOCATE mode for intelligent classification
ASSIST mode to support agents intelligently in real time
AUTOMATE mode to completly handle tasks
User interface to easily add knowledge data
One common knowledge base for all channels
Integarted spell checking
On premise operation available with full feature set
Regular Quality Audits
24/7 operation and support