Process Routing

Whether your realtime events like calls and voice dialogs or like email or work items. It is always based on a combination of business rules and decision parameters. The runs in the cloud or as an independently managed system on premise.

Process Management

Routing is at the core of process management. The strategy what to do next determines the efficiency of a workflow and the effectiveness of the final result. Our routing engine is based on real time requirements in contact center environments. It reliably orchestrates multiple work streams and brings transparency to task oriented workflows.

  • Time based routing
  • Skill based routing
  • Event driven routing
  • Priority routing
  • Language routing
  • Intent routing
  • Sentiment routing
  • Named entity routing
  • Context based routing
  • API driven routing
Combine contact and workflow management
Configure all in one place
Monitor process efficiency and result
Integrate workflows using multiple backend systems
Use Analytics and Reporting across all channels and systems
Integration of multiple channels