Calls are still the most important communication channel in the contact center. But machine support during customer calls for the agent has been very limited. Based on the latest advances in speech recognition, high quality transcription is possible in real-time. So we can analyze the conversation even during the call, information that supports the agent, such as topics or required actions, can be displayed, and individual process steps can be completely automated.

Voice Platform

High quality speech recognition is the basis for successful support and automation of speech dialogs. Our platform provides high quality audio signals, after processing in real time for noise and acoustic echo, to be labeled live by different recognizers. Then a subsequent analysis of the content yields valuable insights regarding intent, names entities and sentiment. This enables either agent assistance to increase efficiency or complete automation of the task at hand. Recordings and supporting manual corrections allow for continuous learning and further enhancements.

  • Multiple Recognizer Support
  • AI based Analysis
  • HD Audio Support
  • Advanced Audio Processing
  • Open APIs
  • Multi Carrier Support
  • Multi Language Support
  • GDPR Compliant
Call transcription in real time
Agent assistence during a call
End of call transcription for call analytics
Server side webRTC support for seamless web channel integration
Suppression of acoustic echo and noise
On premise operation available with full feature set
Comprehensive reporting & analytics
24/7 operation and support